The Relationship Between College Rankings and Future Income

How College Rankings Affect Your Future Income

This is part one of a three-part series centered around “Choosing Your College”…

Well, College rankings are supposed to help us with this. Used by millions of Americans every year…college rankings, like the US News College Rankings, Forbes College Rankings, and many others, are designed to help us sort through the noise and pick a great college.

One question many students have: how do College Rankings correlate with my future income? Will I make more money by attending a higher-ranked school?

Many studies show that private school graduates make more money than public school graduates…why is there this difference?

Why might a student choose to go to a private or highly-ranked school over a public school? Future income, career opportunities, and a better network are all benefits of a higher-ranked, more selective college.

In this video, we will examine this using the data…not just opinions.

Michael MacKelvie Founder, College Guide Pro